Posted in April 2012

Failed or Gained Day – you decide

Woah it’s been quite a day (and week). My overwhelming feeling right now is of disappointment and anger at myself that I haven’t achieved my goals for the Forever business this week. Feel like I have all the skills, the knowledge and the momentum to achieve yet I simply haven’t had the time this week. … Continue reading

Day to Visualise

Yesterday I watched a DVD with my good friend Timea called ‘The Secret.’ very inspiring and just the pick me up I needed. It’s turning out to be a challenging week and although I am keen to progress and move on with Forever and my gymnastics, so far this week my time has been demanded … Continue reading

Challenging Day

Woah it’s been a couple of days since I posted! Either I’ve been far too busy, or the momentum is slipping a little. Well it’s a little of both to be honest! Bit of a backdrop of some worrying news the last couple of days too. This week so far I’ve been focused on Affinity … Continue reading

Celebrate Day

I’m actually feeling a little low about this week right now. Which I think means it’s time to review the achievements! (there have been a lot!). I naturally look towards the constructive aspects (this is one thing that makes me a great coach of the technical aspects of my sport – gymnastics). However I’m teaching … Continue reading

Damsels Day

Friday was another awesome day. Awesomely busy which is why this is now Saturday I’m posting about it! Went to a monthly group I belong to called Damsels in Success. Up until now I haven’t told many people about this however I am a founder member of the St Albans and Hertford group. We meet … Continue reading

Cake day!!!!!

Wow I had to share, after my first blog post on Monday wanting to celebrate with cake, I actually have some. The lovely Nikki Small has sent me cake, not just any cake though…. Jamaica ginger cake pops. In the shape of stars and hearts too! Through the post! Wow. Today I’m having a low … Continue reading

Dream day

Happy Wednesday! As ever, it’s been quite a day. I’m definitely riding some kind of wave right now. I’m fitting something into every moment and can’t actually remember what it’s like to procrastinate. Even now I’d love to stay up and get on with more, however my body is telling me otherwise so I’ll be … Continue reading

Affinity Day

So yesterday was awesome in a way I’d never experienced before. Today has also been quite a day! Have I completed my go soaring homework of three calls? Well, no. Is today a failure? Oh hell no. Although I do have a small nagging voice in my head telling me it’s not good enough….. Is … Continue reading

Awesome Day

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog! I’m Jennifer and I’m about to enter into one of the busiest and what feels like most significant parts of my life so far. I’ll fill you in with all the details in due course, for now lets just focus on today. Today has been an absolutely … Continue reading