Awesome Day

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog!

I’m Jennifer and I’m about to enter into one of the busiest and what feels like most significant parts of my life so far. I’ll fill you in with all the details in due course, for now lets just focus on today.

Today has been an absolutely AWESOME day and the feeling I have right now is incredible. I am putting into practice things I have learned, using skills I knew I had but never used, getting things done that I never have before and making progress in so many areas its unreal. Today I have the belief that everything is coming together.

Now celebrating my achievements is something I’m traditionally bad at. Always a busy person, its always ‘on with the next thing.’ Not in a bad way, I’ve just never really taken the time to look around and be pleased at what I’ve done or to share that with others. So thats one of the many reasons why I’m starting this blog – I want to celebrate with you!

Anyone got some cake?

Yesterday I went on a training course titled ‘Go Soaring,’ for one of my two businesses, Forever Living. Awesome day came with some awe-inspring (*cough* daunting) homework. I need to have three significant conversations regarding the business everyday for the next week as well as start a dream book.

Found myself coasting through the day, getting on with various tasks for both Forever Living and my main business – Affinity Gymnastics. Very productive. Having a great time. Apprehensive about these three phonecalls and how I’ll get them done. About 5pm after a long day of work I find myself thinking – it will be too late now to make these calls. It’s ok, I’ll just do six tomorrow. Maybe one tonight. But then No! this isn’t good enough. If I’m on a mission to change my life then its not acceptable to make excuses or delay what I know I am capable of. So I reviewed my notes and got on with the calls, reminding myself of the aim – to share this incredible opportunity with people who can benefit from it. I’m hoping they see in it what I do and will meet with me to explain it properly, however if they don’t its not a problem. It’s all about making this first step and learning what I can from it.

So three people didn’t pick up their phones (I had worried about that, it was one of the excuses I started to make to myself!). I carried on going and continued to call people I knew. I had some great conversations which I enjoyed and the result is I have three meetings booked in for this week! Wow!

What if I had listened to that part of me that said it was ok not to make those calls tonight? Would I feel as great as I do now?  Would I believe that its all possible? Will this shape the rest of my week and perhaps my life? Who knows 🙂

Tomorrow may well be more incredible than today.



3 thoughts on “Awesome Day

  1. It’s lovely to hear you so buoyant and excited. You should be proud of yourself – you do an incredible amount and have done for a long time. I don’t think I know anyone who works harder!

    Oh, and I have cake 😉

  2. Hi Jennifer – well done on starting this blog and sharing your experiences. Seeing your tiny steps to growth; personally and businesswise, and how it is helping you get to where you want to get to is food for thought for me and others. I remember when I had to make 6 calls a day and I prepared myself with inspirational music and lion roaring exercises (tip from Christina Morassi). I hit the phones, and spoke with energy and gusto and a smile on my face, and in return people were interested and curious about why I wanted to talk to them. It was a great feeling afterwards, so I can totally relate to how you are feeling. Keep going and many congratulations on your shift. Kalpana

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