Affinity Day

So yesterday was awesome in a way I’d never experienced before. Today has also been quite a day!

Have I completed my go soaring homework of three calls? Well, no. Is today a failure? Oh hell no. Although I do have a small nagging voice in my head telling me it’s not good enough….. Is this a useful voice trying to help me keep hold of the momentum or just unrealistic pressure from myself?

Could I have done more today? No, not really. My day started with a breakfast networking meeting. Getting better at being out of my comfort zone and speaking to random people about what I do. Love the challenge and to see my skills improving. Then I fitted 3 hours of paperwork into 90 minutes as i had no other option (told you I am on a mission). 30 minutes for lunch (whilst emailing) then long but great afternoon and evening of coaching. Home to write this blog and I’m still not done! I am DEFINITELY going to work a little more on my dream book tonight before bed.

Today was a big day for my main business. Bigger a day than I’ve given credit. Those of you that don’t know me, I’m a sports coach and I run a gymnastics club in Hertfordshire called Sheredes Gymnastics Club. I started the club six years ago as an after school club at a local primary school. Over that time it’s been very successful (award winning!) and has grown to offer gymnastics for all levels and ages. This has been my (at times more than) full time job and pretty much all my aims and efforts in life have been directed at this in some way.

As the club expanded, it became apparent we’d need a name that represents what we do rather than where we are. Getting this name changed has been an incredibly long and at times painful road which I won’t go into right now!

Anyways, today was the start of Affinity Gymnastics. Exciting and busy times!! It is literally all go. As soon as I complete one item from my todo list, I’ve thought of five more.

My challenge right now is to keep momentum and focus going in both of these businesses whilst they both go through significant times. How do I balance both? How do I keep focus on both? Can I find the time when I’m already putting in 16 hour days like today?

My belief tells me I can 🙂


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