Dream day

Happy Wednesday!

As ever, it’s been quite a day. I’m definitely riding some kind of wave right now. I’m fitting something into every moment and can’t actually remember what it’s like to procrastinate. Even now I’d love to stay up and get on with more, however my body is telling me otherwise so I’ll be off to sleep soon.

Starting to feel the pressure a little, whilst I am doing a lot, I am aware of all the tasks I haven’t completed. Perhaps I shouldn’t focus on that – didn’t I tell you I am bad at celebrating?!

So, achievements for today: I’ve had another three significant conversations about my forever business. Another meeting booked (if anyone is counting, it’s 5 now). Another one ended up with a product order and the last one with a phone number to call later.

Had a displeased parent attempt to take his son out of my gymnastics class today. A challenging moment where he was not happy and wouldn’t let me get a word in edge ways to explain my side of the story and how I could rectify the problem. Remembered what I’ve leant about myself and conversations and kept calm, listened to his concerns then gave my response – that he knew best and that i would happily let him leave if that was the correct course of action. Suffice to say his son stayed and completed the rest of the class.

Another of the homework tasks I have been set is to make a dream book. I’ve done a little each day, finding pictures that represent how my life will look and some of the things in it. Today I started arranging them and sticking them down. Hope you like it! I’ll share more as it takes shape.


Tomorrow brings new challenges and I can’t wait 🙂


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