Damsels Day

Friday was another awesome day. Awesomely busy which is why this is now Saturday I’m posting about it!

Went to a monthly group I belong to called Damsels in Success. Up until now I haven’t told many people about this however I am a founder member of the St Albans and Hertford group. We meet once a month and it’s a great opportunity to catch up with others and with myself – I always come away reinvigorated and having learnt something new.

This month was no exception. The theme was ‘from clogged to creative.’ Now as you might have noticed, I am in the creative zone right now! Keeping the momentum going has been amazing this week however I had been flagging a bit on Thursday. Fridays damsels fix placed me firmly back on track. Lots of new thoughts, practical tips and a few ‘a-ha’ moments. (I am now measuring my office room up to see if it could be my bedroom instead, but that’s for another post).

Towards the end of the morning we made some dream boards. As you may know, one of my Go Soaring tasks for this week has been to make a dream book, so it fitted well. Flicking through magazines I didn’t think too much and picked out pictures that I was drawn to. I somehow managed to get exactly the pictures I needed – either representing things I have been working for, things that I had learnt about that morning or those things I need to remember (such as getting more sleep). It’s amazing what comes to you.

So here’s my Damsels dream board, now fittingly a page in my book:



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