Celebrate Day

I’m actually feeling a little low about this week right now. Which I think means it’s time to review the achievements! (there have been a lot!). I naturally look towards the constructive aspects (this is one thing that makes me a great coach of the technical aspects of my sport – gymnastics). However I’m teaching myself that sometimes, it’s good to just look at the positives so that’s what I’ll do in this post.

I made my first calls sharing the forever opportunity with 12 people. Had four 1-2-1’s (my first ones by myself!) Three more are booked for this week. Had a great time meeting these people, explaining what i’m doing with genuine enthusiasm and confidence.

Accepting that the outcome of the meetings is not important and only being motivated more when it’s not positive – it’s an opportunity to get on with more action towards my goals.

I put into practice the conversational and people skills I have been learning about. It’s definitely enhanced the enjoyment of my week as well as the results – in all aspects of my life.

I’ve been proactive everyday in getting on with tasks with an ‘on a mission’ type agenda and forgetting what procrastination is!

Looked forward to everyday.

I went to speak to all of my neighbours and invite them to my launch next week.

Created a dream book and I’m so much clearer on why I’m doing this. My dreams are closer and I feel that. Saw my dream car on the road today (only 2nd time I’ve seen a purple and white mini…).

Came up with some of the answers to practical issues in my life – I’ve bought books on audio CD to turn my car into my own ‘learning zone’ and utilise the many hours a week I spend driving. Accepted that I don’t need a stereotypical work desk/office at home – whilst I do work from home what I have set up currently this doesn’t serve me and it’s ok to change it.

Launched Affinity Gymnastics. Everyone seems to like the name and our new logos are almost ready 🙂

Started this blog!! Been focused in posting. Oh and a couple of you have mentioned this has helped you too or you’ve found it inspirational. Now I’m not sure if that’s true but has to be the best feeling ever 🙂

Right I’ll stop there but wow! It has been quite a week! What has the next got in store?!


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