Challenging Day

Woah it’s been a couple of days since I posted! Either I’ve been far too busy, or the momentum is slipping a little.

Well it’s a little of both to be honest! Bit of a backdrop of some worrying news the last couple of days too.

This week so far I’ve been focused on Affinity Gymnastics. News of our change of name is spreading amongst our members and the wider gymnastics community. Many new members and many emails and calls from others wanting to join – great news! The membership side of this club is the most exciting (people wanting to join us in what we do, its fantastic) yet most time consuming from a paperwork point of view. So this has been taking up a large portion of my time this week with lots more to do.

Our new logos are shaping up well, just have to finalise the exact wording and details – who knew how hard it is to come up with a strap line for a gymnastics club. Well, actually, I did know – it took several years for me to find the name for the club and affinity came out of sheer frustration, desperation, irritation, end of the barrel scraping, total rock bottom pain at 2am one morning last autumn.

So to avoid me going to that point again (it wasn’t pretty or particularly efficient) PLEASE anyone with suggestions for a strap line or three words we can use alongside our logos leave a comment. PLEASE!!! (see the desperation is kicking in already).

On an unrelated note, got my audio books today, car transformation to mobile library (as well as it also existing as a mobile home) is complete. Listened to a cd on the way to and from work and picked up lots more tips and learning points. Feels pretty good and I’m actually looking forward to next driving.

Tomorrow is another big day, 2nd launch night for the forever business at my place in the evening (anyone who is interested in coming along is welcome but I won’t post my address on here! You’ll need to contact me). Hoping all goes well, very different group of people coming.

As I will need to spend most the day cleaning my flat in preparation for tomorrow I’d better get some sleep…

Will leave with a quote that found me last week – ‘there’s no failure, only feedback.’


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