Day to Visualise

Yesterday I watched a DVD with my good friend Timea called ‘The Secret.’ very inspiring and just the pick me up I needed. It’s turning out to be a challenging week and although I am keen to progress and move on with Forever and my gymnastics, so far this week my time has been demanded in the slightly less exciting areas. This does happen though from time to time and at least my life provides the flexibility to ‘shelve’ some ideas for a few days and just get on with what needs doing.

If you’ve not seen The Secret I can definitely recommend it – a great reminder that we create our own lives. Our thoughts guide what is drawn to us, every minute of everyday.

As you know, I’ve been creating a dream book recently. I also have a vision board which I created a few months back. I now ‘get’ the importance of these – not just so that I know and am clear on why I’m doing what i’m doing (working very hard!!). I really need to focus on these images and use them in my thoughts to guide my dreams to me. I know this works – so here’s my new car 🙂


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So the next step from having these images is to experience them – I’m off for a test drive.

Keep dreaming x


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