Failed or Gained Day – you decide

Woah it’s been quite a day (and week).

My overwhelming feeling right now is of disappointment and anger at myself that I haven’t achieved my goals for the Forever business this week. Feel like I have all the skills, the knowledge and the momentum to achieve yet I simply haven’t had the time this week. That sounds like an excuse…. I don’t do excuses with this business as I know that’s one of the things that will make it fail. So I’m either deluded or I’ve genuinely had different things on the go this week, I’m not sure which answer is right.

This feeling of disappointment is kinda strange considering all the achievements of today and this week. When I think if what I have achieved, each part feels good yet why as a whole does it not? I am being very hard on myself but I know this is the route to success!!!

So today was a big day for Affinity Gymnastics – the Eastern Region General Gymnastics Levels 1 and 2 championships. Many gymnasts entered having worked very hard in training. Amazing to see them compete so well and I am sooooo proud of them. The improvements they have made is great, even more so is seeing them grow in confidence and be able to do things they couldn’t before. It’s a big deal to stand up and perform a routine in front of that many people and to see them achieve this and thrive on it is absolutely amazing (and one of the key reasons I do this job).

That desire has led to me being involved with the organising and technical committee for these competitions. Now I agreed to help out….. That wasn’t my role today or this week!! It’s a long story, however essentially I had to organise a great deal of today’s event at short notice. So my week has been full of emails, phone calls, programme printing, venue organising, scoring spreadsheets, certificate mail merging (still don’t quite understand or know how I managed that) finding medals, etc etc etc. Yet somehow I did enjoy doing it (even though it zapped all my spare time resulting in the forever business having to take a back seat) and I hope did a good job.

The last competition of the day I even had to be the announcer. Now talking on a mike to a room of 60 gymnasts, 100+ spectators, judges coaches and officials isn’t something I’ve done before…. Yet it seemed easy. Even when I totally tripped over my words and everyone laughed (it was a long day). No idea if I was any good however it felt pretty natural, this isn’t something I’d have been able to do a couple of years ago.

With new things like this now I feel this inside confidence, that I know I can do it. It’s a good feeling!

So have I ‘failed’ at my forever goals this week or have I ‘gained’ something more beneficial with these other experiences? I’d love to know how it looks from the outside – that’s you by the way! Please leave a comment.

Here’s to another awesome week x


2 thoughts on “Failed or Gained Day – you decide

  1. Isn’t the development of good communication skills one of the key competences required for a network marketer? Sounds like you went well outside your comfort zone and dealt with that head on. Nothing was a problem just challenges for you to resolve and I guess you had conversations with lots of new people who may now be added to your wdykl.
    Well Done

  2. I used to beat myself up when I failed goals i’d set all the time. Now I like to be a bit more flexible and set intentions for the week, fully aware that I don’t yet know all the things that might be thrown my way that take a higher priority.

    Sounds like you’ve achieved a fantastic amount this week. Well done.

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