Posted in May 2012

Haven’t worked a Day in 5 years

Today I’ve been asked – ‘is this your lunch hour?’ it got me thinking. I can’t recall the last time I had a ‘lunch hour.’ the very idea that I would feels very strange. That someone else would dictate my routine to me, that the use of my time revolves around the 9-5 and mealtimes, … Continue reading

Becoming aware of Daily habits

Isn’t it strange how we pick up on things from a variety of sources just when we need to? Somehow the answers or information you need find their way to you, just when you need it. This week I’ve been working on my daily habits in an effort to make each day more effective and … Continue reading

Success Day

Went to a Forever success day at the weekend, I’m leaning more about the significance of these events. It’s a day full of information, trainings and recognitions – fantastic and useful information. Videos of the event are all available online a couple of weeks – in that case why travel all the way to Telford, … Continue reading

Olympic Disaster Day

I can’t believe it. The Olympic ticketing system that has already been a complete farce, actually got worse today. I won’t go into the whole story, you may be aware the entire system allocating tickets has been a total nightmare. I managed to be one of the ‘fortunate’ who got one ticket in the first … Continue reading

Good habits and balancing Day

It’s been a while since I posted. I’m working on balance… Today I finally feel I have a realistic view. One of the tasks from the last Go Soaring course was to develop a good habit – I decided to develop the habit of making a 7 day plan. Having an overview of my week … Continue reading

A tough week of Days so far…

However it’s not over yet!!! I’ve been having a tough week. Struggling with my energy levels, not feeling well and (by my own standards) failing at fitting everything in (even though I’ve been working non-stop). At the weekend was the second part of the Go Soaring course which was awesome. Left feeling buoyant (even more … Continue reading

Flying Day

Today I’m celebrating – lots of things! As my last brief post mentioned I had a pretty awesome day yesterday, something even more awesome happened that I didn’t find about about till this morning. So, yesterday was an awesome Forever day. Feel like I’m getting to grips with it. Oh and some great gymnastic things … Continue reading

Really want to tell you about my Day….

….. However it’s 2am and I’ve got to be up at 7:30. It’s been an awesome day, so much to tell you. Lots of Forever news and lots of fun at gymnastics. Gotta somehow sleep now, been far too busy!!! Up in the morning for 2 days of training courses, can’t wait 🙂

Organise Day

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks. Working every hour and living each day with new enthusiasm and the feeling I’m pushing forwards and making progress is fantastic. But it doesn’t half create a lot of mess. I’ve been spending my time getting on and doing, rather than organising and tidying. As a result … Continue reading