It’s sunny over here to-Day!

It’s a grey soggy day today isn’t it?

Just wanted to share with you a bit of light. Today I tried something new (there’s a theme here isn’t there). I went to a local networking meeting, Cuppa Connect, hosted by the best of Hitchin – visit thier site at

In a local pub about 10 minutes walk in the rain from my place, only £2 gets you tea, cake and the chance to meet some local people. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Now this has been running for a while, yet I’ve never been before. Partly due to concerns over the suitability of my business (running a gymnastics club 25 miles away isn’t all that relevant) plus I *used* to think how will I go into a room of people I don’t know and talk to them! What will I say? How do I say it? Isn’t that scary!

Well since being involved with Forever and the skills I’m developing, those thoughts just doesn’t cross my mind at all. I just get on with it. I actually can’t remember the last time I thought like that.

So the result? I had a good time meeting local people, explaining what I do (both businesses though focussing on Forever). Hearing about their businesses, lives and interests. I’ve come away with several new contacts, one possible business to collaborate with and I’m off in an hour to drop a sample box to a lady I met who lives just down the road. Oh, plus refreshed motivation and a piece of cake 🙂

Awesome start to the day. Despite the weather it’s sunny over here.


2 thoughts on “It’s sunny over here to-Day!

  1. Well done Jen its great being able to transfer new skills to something. I find with my Drama degree I can stand up and talk to people or sing silly songs in front of a room of three year olds because I treat it as a performance. No matter how much I’m shaking inside. Glad you had a sunny day 🙂 xx

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