Organise Day

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks. Working every hour and living each day with new enthusiasm and the feeling I’m pushing forwards and making progress is fantastic.

But it doesn’t half create a lot of mess.

I’ve been spending my time getting on and doing, rather than organising and tidying. As a result I now can’t move from one room to another in my flat without stepping over something, be it gymnastics equipment or paperwork, forever products or clothes and personal possessions. And don’t even go near the kitchen.

Its kinda a catch 22 – I need my place clean, tidy and organised to work and live well. Yet if I stop riding the momentum and focus I have now to tidy, it will take ages, I’ll get behind and maybe lose that edge I have right now.

I’m coming round to the idea that this workload isn’t just a phase. This may be my life for the foreseeable future if I want to achieve what I want. I really need to get organised.

So that was my aim for today. I started clearing out my office, organising my forever records and all that other dull yet necessary stuff. Thing is now I’m out of time and the place actually looks WORSE!

Tomorrow morning I have a cleaning company coming round to quote for regular cleaning (this was meant to be a bit of a visualisation exercise, I don’t have the money but wanted to make enquiries to help make this happen one day, however now I may be conceding defeat). What are they going to think?!

I *should* have finished tidying but ended up working on my dream book instead. Time well spent or not seeing as now i’ll have to be up at silly AM to launch an assault on the washing up…..?



2 thoughts on “Organise Day

  1. Ooh what’s a dream book all about? I like the look and idea of it all. I tend to write lots of lists but find they can be a tad oppressive etc. I would love help from a cleaning company as my house is not a home it is a hovel right now. A right and utter dumping ground and I need help with it. Eek. Best of luck xx

    • Dream book is good, I’m hoping to spend a bit more time on mine this weekend.
      I have a vision board of pictures, either of things I want in my life that I’m working towards or motivational things. I look at it each morning to remind me where I’m going! The dream book is new, was a task set on the Go Soaring course I’m doing at the moment with forever. Similar to the board, I chose to get a large photo album and I’m collecting photos as I go and putting them in there – it’s a good motivator, helps focus and in time I’m hoping it will help keep a record of the journey as I achieve things. Either cut out images from magazines etc or I use google images and print them out. It’s really helping me visualise and focus. I’ll have to show you it!

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