Flying Day

Today I’m celebrating – lots of things! As my last brief post mentioned I had a pretty awesome day yesterday, something even more awesome happened that I didn’t find about about till this morning.

So, yesterday was an awesome Forever day. Feel like I’m getting to grips with it. Oh and some great gymnastic things too. Lots of little things.

Hmm. So much has happened its actually hard to remember. See this is what I do! Celebrating and acknowledging what I do is hard as its always on with the next thing.

Right, i’ll start at the beginning. Here’s what a typical awesome day looks like for me at the moment (i’ll warn you, it’s a little non stop! Still amazes me how much you can fit into just day). Here’s goes…

Found a cleaning company I like and can afford to properly clean my flat once a month. Put this in my dream book only a couple of weeks ago and it’s already happening!

Had a very positive email exchange with a potential team member.

Went to collect a sample box from a lady I met at a networking event on Tuesday, she loved the products and placed an order. Feel this is an achievement as I’ve already managed to look wider than my comfort zone of friends and family, gives me confidence and reassurance this can work.

Had another positive 1-2-1, great to share the opportunity with others and give them something to think about – whether it’s for them or not.

Collected 2 more orders from friends to add to my order this weekend – in total this weekend’s order has products for six new customers.

Watching my newly qualified coaches develop further and run excellent sessions at Affinity. good feeling in the gym right now. Love how everyone enjoys it and works together, feel I have a great team! (hope they are reading this……)

Was able to share my skills with a gymnast in need of help with certain skills from another club.

Had SOOO much fun at open gymnastics – changed the age group to allow younger children in and we all had a great time practising new skills and choosing what they wanted to do – we turned the gym into an adventure playground 🙂 Fun times seeing what activities they come up with.

Managed to get my two sample boxes back out with other people straight away.

Organised the entries for the next competition and get the details to another committee member who kindly offered to help as I’m off for the weekend on courses.

Delegated work to my admin assistant who will work whilst I’m away 🙂

Burned some more audio books to CD to listen to whilst in the car this weekend. Feel like I’m literally eating books and information.

Can you see why it was 2am when I got to bed??!

AND the icing on the cake, at our Forever team meeting last night (which I couldn’t attend due to lots of gymnastics classes) I won the trophy for retailer of the month! WOW! A nice surprise this morning.

And believe it or not I’m even MORE excited about the Go Soaring course tomorrow – I am definitely flying.


2 thoughts on “Flying Day

  1. Wow you are a busy Bee Jen. Make sure you don’t do too much in one go or you will run yourself into the ground. I have done that all too often and its not a good feeling. Take care xx

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