A tough week of Days so far…

However it’s not over yet!!!

I’ve been having a tough week. Struggling with my energy levels, not feeling well and (by my own standards) failing at fitting everything in (even though I’ve been working non-stop).

At the weekend was the second part of the Go Soaring course which was awesome. Left feeling buoyant (even more than my last flying blog post!). However since then, that feeling has been lacking.

I’ve been hearing stories all week from those also on the Go Soaring course about how great their weeks are, how much they have been getting on with and achieving and all I can feel is how I’m being left behind. I am pleased for them and usually these stories would be motivating, but this week when my energy levels are low it’s just making me feel despondent. Like I’m not one of them. Like I’ll go back to my ‘previous life.’

A theme of this blog has been celebrating (or rather my issues with it!). My last blog was full of celebrations and things I achieved only a few days ago – yet until I re-read it this morning, I had totally forgotten all of this!

If there’s one thing I have learnt, it’s that I’m in charge. So this lack of energy and motivation ends now. The three day headache I’ve had – finally took a painkiller. My mental schedule – I’m embracing it. Motivation – had a browse through my dream book (which needs more work, argh another thing to fit in). Energy levels – more difficult when you have a dodgy thyroid, at least tesco delivered my shopping last night so fruit and veg will again become my friends.

This is tough. I’ll get there but I’m not quite sure how right now…. Any help?


5 thoughts on “A tough week of Days so far…

  1. If it wasn’t tough it wouldn’t be worth it. Plough on you never know which little action is going to make the difference and start the results trickling in. When I’ve had a good day I always expect it to continue and find it a bigger knock when it doesn’t. Don’t forget this is your journey towards your goals, try not to waste energy comparing – I find it really hard

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I have been feeling a bit like you myself, in fact had a dip after the last training too. I know I am choosing, and I think in there, for me, there is that the fear of success is just about as big as the fear of failure. I know the theory, I know I can do it, I am stopping myself from conscious negative self talk and still allowing those feelings to creep in.
    One thing I have found is that I throw myself into the activity, I really enjoy it and then it takes on a life of its own.
    Then there are results. The page is full of them and the results are not important, I know its a numbers game and I know that people do want to join and work the business and others do want to buy product, my job is to ask!!

    So, lets look at the positives, focus on the activity. I have contacted people this week that I didn’t even know were on my list and a few I have had on my list since the beginning and have not contacted for whatever reason. They have without exception been positive and prepared to look. I have asked for referrals, got completely tongue -tied, but they are friends and have been for years, so really doesn’t matter. I have completed the tasks, an feel proud of that. Bottom line for me as I write this, is comparison to others, a ‘how come … gets people to BP without doing the business for days, when I haven’t even though kept to the tasks? Well that self talk can just go do one, I do not want to hear it, it is not serving me well and I deserve better than that!!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to coach myself, not sure who will get to read this, just hope it can help them too.

    You asked for help, not sure if it does, just know that there are others feeling as you do, IT ITS NOT EASY, there is no expectation to be on top form 100% of the time, take it as a learning time. Use the heat lotion on your temples, drink gel like its going out of fashion and pick up that phone, you’ll feel much better when you have!!

    Carolyn Thorne

  3. Thanks for the comments. My problem is with not being able to throw myself into the activity! My gymnastics business and competition organising work has taken over. I soooo want to get going with the forever activity yet can’t find the time or focus to do what I know I can. It’s very frustrating and disheartening when I know I am capable of it…. maybe my pace/expectations are too fast/high?! Strange that a health and wellbeing business that is meant to one day give me freedom is taking both of those things away from me right now.

  4. Ah Jen it all takes time. I have learnt that you cannot run before you can walk no matter how much you want to. It is great to have goals and ambitions like mine with writing etc. I have all these new ideas for publication and publicity etc but I cannot put those into action without producing the book first! See what I mean? I am feeling despondent with my house at the moment. It doesn’t feel like a home and I am struggling with it. Sometimes I have to walk away if there is no one there to help me and come back it when I have had time to reflect that only I can change things as and when I feel I’m able to. Take care hun xx

    • It’s interesting how much our home space has an impact on how we feel. Time and money spent on our homes has got to be a good investment (or a great excuse anyways…..)

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