Olympic Disaster Day

I can’t believe it. The Olympic ticketing system that has already been a complete farce, actually got worse today.

I won’t go into the whole story, you may be aware the entire system allocating tickets has been a total nightmare. I managed to be one of the ‘fortunate’ who got one ticket in the first round, although it is for 2 hours of one gymnastics qualifying event with none of the countries in I really wanted to see.

Today, my supposed fortune turned to misfortune. In an effort to be ‘fair,’ more tickets went on sale today (why could they not just allocate them all the first time round??!!). Those who already had any type of ticket are excluded from purchasing these. As are those who didn’t apply at all. So only those who ‘missed out’ the first time round.

These people now have all the tickets they could want. I can see the tickets on sale, yet I am barred from buying them. If I hadn’t got that qualifying ticket (that to be honest, I’d happily not have) then today I’d be sitting here having purchased tickets to the women’s All Around Final, a dream of mine to attend.

Soooo many years of dreaming, of hard work, of living the Olympic dreams and sharing and encouraging this with others….. It’s all a load of rubbish.

What’s the point?

It’s not that I can’t go, I can deal with that. It’s how it’s done and the feeling behind it that hurts and disillusions me.

There’s one last chance for tickets – next Wednesday at 11am (and what am I doing then? Yes, that’s right… coaching. Encouraging others to dream).

Yea right. Where’s that sofa and ton of laziness.

I really am not one to give up, to let something set me back so much. But this….. It’s killing me.


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