Success Day

Went to a Forever success day at the weekend, I’m leaning more about the significance of these events. It’s a day full of information, trainings and recognitions – fantastic and useful information. Videos of the event are all available online a couple of weeks – in that case why travel all the way to Telford, give up a whole day of a precious weekend, spend money on the ticket etc etc?

I can see how easy it is to feel that the cost outweighs the value of going to these days. After all, you could have a weekend off, time with friends and family, save the cash (we all know money is tight right now and lets face it you’d rather buy those shoes, pay those bills, have that pub lunch instead). Then catch up on the info from colleagues, watch the videos online in a couple of weeks in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits with a good cuppa (or something stronger!).

Exactly the same, right?


It’s not the information presented on stage that’s important. It’s the experience. The inspiration that comes from being in a room with 1000 like minded, positive and supportive people. Feeling that energy and being a part of it. The heartfelt testimonials from those being recognised (the stories and tips they share are gold dust, witnessing them on stage telling it is priceless). The motivational feeling you leave with. The belief that you can be up on that stage too. Seeing it, believing it, being it.

That’s the real benefit.

I’m off to plan my week and my future 🙂

See you on that stage soon…..


2 thoughts on “Success Day

  1. Indeed, all that plus the chance to hear external inspirational speakers like Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. That alone could cost £100s to hear them elsewhere -excellent value for money!!

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