Becoming aware of Daily habits

Isn’t it strange how we pick up on things from a variety of sources just when we need to? Somehow the answers or information you need find their way to you, just when you need it.

This week I’ve been working on my daily habits in an effort to make each day more effective and fulfilling. Time is a precious commodity for me at the moment (isn’t it for everyone?) and the theme of looking at what we spend our days doing has been coming at me from a variety of places recently.

Ok universe, I’m listening.

Do you ever think about those small tasks, it may only be 5 minutes or less, that you do each day, maybe several times a day and how they impact the bigger picture? A quick 5-10 min browsing the Internet, reading a book – how do all these 10 minutes influence your life over time. What if you could get these small, easy chunks of time to work in your favour, to make a positive impact on your life. Or are they working negatively, holding you back and slowing your progress towards your ultimate dreams and the life you want.

So half an hour (or possibly more!) on mindless internet browsing over a day won’t kill your dreams today will it? Choosing to eat that big mac won’t suddenly give you a heart attack – not today anyways. Buts what’s the impact over a month, a year, 10 years? These choices all add up and will influence the ultimate life you lead.

For me, *stands up* I’m Jennifer and I am an Email Addict. I check my mail frequently, on the laptop, phone and iPad. I don’t often respond to emails when I see them, but for some reason I feel compelled to check to see if I’ve new mail many times a day (it’s a bit shocking how many times a day I do this). I also have a ‘quick look’ at Facebook several times a day with longer times spent on it first thing in the morning and again in the evening. Why? I don’t even have an answer to that, it’s just a habit. A bad one.

I’ve been tracking how much time/how many times a day I complete these tasks and it’s actually too embarrassing to even blog about. I do love my iPhone…. But it’s now owning me instead of the other way round. Whatever I’m doing, the phone buzzes for new mail and I drop everything to look at it. I’ve become a slave to an item that’s meant to serve me!!

Now I’m aware, I’m replacing this habit with better ones. Ive switched off the new mail alert and I’m starting to allocate time in my day to read AND respond to email. I’ve started reading 10 pages of a good book in the morning (currently the 7 Habits of Highly Succesful People by Steven Covey) instead of Facebook.

Will this change my life overnight? No. Will it have an impact in a month? A year? 5 years? You bet it will. Now you all know about my iPhone addiction I’ve got to stick with the change…..

What daily habits do you have that could be replaced with something that serves you better? I’d love to know what you’d like to change, please leave a comment.

Have an (habitually) awesome day!


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