Out of my comfort zone – should we do this everyDay?

Hi all. This week I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m also learning more about my energy levels (who knew there was still more to learn there?!) and state of mind.

Today I went ‘contact marketing.’ Thats speaking to random people in the street and seeing if they are interested in my business. Something I never though I could or would do. However due to the go soaring course and my now clear goals (thanks, dream book) it became fairly easy. Well to agree to go was easy anyways.

Getting started was hard! I woke up this morning with about zero energy. Well I’m working hard and the thyroid condition I have causes this from time to time. I knew to be able to cope/be successful with the task I’d have to be on form, you know when you feel great, that flying, invincible feeling (I have that a lot right now, it’s awesome!). This morning I had none of that, instead I get brain fog, exhaustion, slowness. Great. However I knew it was only a physiological response – I have that inner confidence that I could do this well.

I did feel very stressed and anxious about this mornings task! Yet somehow I can distance myself from this – I feel stressed yet know it isn’t actually me, it’s just a feeling and they can be changed. I am in control.

So I turned it around! The goal was to get 10 no’s. It took a little while, however I did enjoy some of the conversations and ended up with 3 yes’s along with the no’s. I’m by no means great at this but I do feel I got better as the morning went on and my comfort zone is getting wider by the day 🙂

Now if I could only get my thyroid to work properly…..


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