Haven’t worked a Day in 5 years

Today I’ve been asked – ‘is this your lunch hour?’ it got me thinking.

I can’t recall the last time I had a ‘lunch hour.’ the very idea that I would feels very strange. That someone else would dictate my routine to me, that the use of my time revolves around the 9-5 and mealtimes, that I’d get a whole hour to myself to enjoy a meal in the middle of the day. Hmmm maybe I am missing out in some ways!

But no. I’m too far along the self employed/entrepreneur route. And I love it. I work when I want (all times of the day and night), for as long as I want (every hour available) and as for holidays and socialising – you mean things such as business conferences, meeting up with colleagues, time to catch up on paperwork and essential reading and research.

What I’m trying to get at is that I don’t ‘work.’ What may be seen as work are the activities that make up my life and I enjoy doing them. There’s no separation, no work/life balance. It’s just my life. And I’m loving it.

I haven’t worked a day in the last five years – how many days have you spent at work?

Could it be time to make a change in how you live your life and how long you spend working?


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