Where have I been all these Days?!

I’m very good at something. Well, a lot if things. I’m good at starting them.

I’m also good at not quitting.

Yet somewhere in the middle is this ‘no man’s land’ where I am absolutely excellent at hanging out.

Yes, that’s where I’ve been, somewhere between starting a blog and quitting. It’s not a bad place, I’m no where near the start and no where near quitting…. But where have my posts been?

I am good at starting things and not always seeing them through. I never give up or really lose interest, things just ‘get in the way.’ I’ve been learning recently that consistency really is key to making changes and ultimately, in determining success or failure.

So, I’m back. And you need to help keep me on the straight and narrow. I pledge to post at least three times a week over the next month. There you go, an intention, a goal, a promise out there for you all to see. And hold me accountable for! No backing out now (told you, I’m not a quitter). I expect pokes if this blog goes un-blogged!

Do you have an activity you would like to be more consistent with?


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