Posted in July 2012

Olympic Opening Day

There are many words to describe yesterday, yet at the same time also none. The words I have just don’t do the day and the feeling now justice…. Yet yes ok, this is a blog, which includes words…. So I’m going to have to find some! Yesterday for me was more than the games. So … Continue reading

Retirement Day

It’s official. Today I retire. From cheerleading. Had you going there for a minute didn’t I? Yes it’s time for me to hang up my cheer bow. I’ve been round and round this, at times it feels like a crazy decision! I LOVE cheerleading, I’ve had some incredible experiences and learnt so much. Possibly the … Continue reading

Only Days left till the end of term

Wow, another school year is almost over. For those of us whose lives are impacted by the school term, this point can be seen as the best and also the worst. Soooo much goes on at this point in the term. School productions, displays, events, competitions, plans for September. It’s one thing after another and … Continue reading

What a Day

Wow what a day and week it’s been. Have you ever had 5 minutes of time where you’ve HAD to fit in about 10 minutes worth of stuff into it? Like where you are late and are rushing around getting things done? Or doing some crazy multitasking? Well I had a whole 48 hours like … Continue reading