Only Days left till the end of term

Wow, another school year is almost over. For those of us whose lives are impacted by the school term, this point can be seen as the best and also the worst.

Soooo much goes on at this point in the term. School productions, displays, events, competitions, plans for September. It’s one thing after another and seeing all the hard work from the year coming together is amazing. Our gymnasts put on an awesome display last night and I’m so proud of them and what we’ve all achieved.

On the other hand it’s exhausting, stressful and burnout affects us all. It’s like running a marathon, we hit the wall a couple of months back and aren’t quite sure where we are now….!

Working alongside school terms is always a bit of a roller coaster. Workload during term time can be ridiculous. But that’s not a bad thing – I like it. Life is exciting, varied and productive. Each week boundaries are pushed, achievements made and new limits established.

Saying that, sometimes it’s time to get off and take a break. Actually after the marathon roller coaster experience we NEED that break. It’s not healthy to continue on like this week after week, month after month. The school holidays are so important if only for the change in daily activities.

Now I’ve never really worked a job all year round. Not in the traditional sense. (I do work during the holidays, as I’ve blogged before, I do admit to losing the understanding of ‘time off’ and the lines are pretty blurred for me). So what’s it like? Having what could be seen as a better balance across the working year? Do you have an opinion on which is better? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ll leave with a statement thats contradicting but I know makes sense to some of you: love my job but… One week to go!!!


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