Posted in October 2012

Difficult day

I love what I do, I really do. This is no complaint! There’s plenty of gratitude in my life for what I’ve achieved, what I have and who I am. Yet there’s something missing. Why can I not seem to do the things I know to do? Something is holding me back. Maybe the more … Continue reading

Day for a new name!

Affinity is my work and a lot of me, yet not all of it. As this is developing into a personal blog, It needs a more personal name. For now I’ve used just my name. Do I stick with that or have something else? Any suggestions?

Decided to go paperless today

I have been fighting a battle for the last 7 years. Sometimes I’ve been ahead (buying more and more storage), sometimes I’ve been behind (filling up all the storage), there have been some cease fires (school holidays). Generally though, in one way or another over time I have lost this one. Yes, my battle is … Continue reading

Day to start over

Hmm it’s been a while! I’m a little ashamed I haven’t blogged for so long! That’s actually part of the problem – I do beat myself up about the things I *should* do that I haven’t got to or stuck with or been consistent with. Enough! It doesn’t help. It’s a new day and a … Continue reading