Decided to go paperless today

I have been fighting a battle for the last 7 years. Sometimes I’ve been ahead (buying more and more storage), sometimes I’ve been behind (filling up all the storage), there have been some cease fires (school holidays). Generally though, in one way or another over time I have lost this one.

Yes, my battle is with paper. No matter what I do, it accumulates. It doesn’t matter how organised or tidy I am, how big my filling cabinet is, or how ruthless I am in throwing things out, ultimately I now acknowledge I cant win. Give me a couple more years and I’ll be pack ratting my way round my flat through zillions of bookcases and filling cabinets. I’ve already given up my larger bedroom to the cause and sleep in a room so small the bed takes up all of it and the door won’t shut….

So, enough! I am going paperless. Today I bought a Fujitsu SnapScan scanner and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Muhahahaha paper your days are numbered! I will have the last laugh!


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