Come along on a NaBloPoMo journey

Those who know me or have read a little may know I like a challenge.

So I’ve decided to take on NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month. I’ll be posting everyday of November 2012 (except the 1st, but, hey, it does say step out of the box up there, doesn’t it *points to tagline*).

I’m going to share posting between this personal blog and my Affinity Gymnastics blog. I’ll share those blog entries with you over here though so you won’t miss out 🙂

What am I expecting? For week one to be easy and fun and the rest to be a little more tricky! It’s going to be an awesome journey which I hope you’ll come along on with me. I’ll be writing about all sorts of things, things from my day to day life, random musings and the insights from insides of my brain (scary thought eh).

Whatever this challenge brings, I am sure there will be some secret options!

See you tomorrow

ps hope you like the new title and look.




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