I won’t lie

This posting everyday NaBloPoMo thing is getting hard. Not necessarily in finding things to blog about, more in that I don’t manage it until this time at night and I’m in need of some sleep.

However I will not give up! I am not a quitter! No way!

Today was a busy day (technically still is….). Good day though, re-learnt a few things:

1). Exercise and fresh air in the morning is good. Went for a walk with my uncle and his dog first thing this morning. Good getting outside.

2). The more preparation you do = the better things go and less stressful. Spent a LONG time prepping this afternoon/evenings classes and as a result everything went far more smoothly than it might have. Don’t get me wrong, my classes are always prepped well, today was advanced organising but it was needed. I also felt more motivated and excited to coach the lessons too.

I knew both of these things, think its a case of ‘use it or lose it.’ You end up falling into slightly different patterns and forgetting what you already know.

Wonder what I will learn tomorrow! Have a goooood day planned. Looking forward to it.



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