Well it wasn’t how I planned my day….

But it has definitely been a good one!

Do you ever plan things, or have a picture in your head of tasks you will be able to do on a certain day, then it all goes out the window? Today was like that. In a good way though.

In fact, Wednesdays are turning out to often be like this. This term, I stopped coaching gymnastics on Wednesdays. I used to coach pre-school in Hitchin, then the hall we operated out of closed for refurbishment. I decided not to take another coaching job in its place but to pursue other ventures, mainly the Forever Living business. It would also give me a day each week to catch up on gymnastics paperwork when needed.

I thought I’d be really productive on these days.

Well, I have been very productive, yet never in the way I expected. I’m starting to come round to the idea that my expectations of my Wednesdays are not serving me. I never do get done the tasks I think I should be able to do. Yet other things come up and I go with that.

So today, I *thought* I’d get up to date on (hate to say it but its true) dull bitty tasks for gymnastics and organise my forever business, catching up with some contacts from a while back. I’d be all up to date, my flat would be clean and tidy and I’d be ready for Thursday.

Well. I did get some washing up done but my flat is not fully clean and tidy. I have 17 small items in my todo list which are still there. I have organised my sample boxes and orders for forever but not my contacts. My office is still paperfied not paperless! I am still working at gone midnight….

What have I been doing?

Well this is where it gets a bit tricky. I know deep down I have been extremely productive today, I’ve made massive steps (maybe leaps) forwards and I’m progressing with several projects.

Yet as the small things aren’t done some part of me raises an objection! What is with the self sabotage? I’d actually done with this feeling, it can naff off!! Enough! I HAVE been working hard and moving forward, what’s not to be pleased about?

Ok, rant at myself over. Hmm it may be time for sleep….


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