A day of two halves

Lots of days are like this right now.

Half spent kinda painfully. Not quite flowing right.

The other half puts me back on track. Often it’s coaching that does this! Ironically right now!

Ups and downs. Up, the number of items on my to do list. Down, the amount of days off I have. Up, the number of books I’ve read, down the amount of time I spend in front of the tv.

It’s good and bad. Kinda mixed up right now. Like this post. Was this worth posting? Was it not? Have you just wasted a few precious minutes reading this garbage?

Yup, you probably have. Hmm. Sorry about that. Ah. Now this is awkward, how are you going to find a reason to come back tomorrow? Easy – ups and downs. This post is the down, it can only go up!

See you tomorrow x



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