To do list

My to do list reads ridiculous right now. Yet not full of work. Not real, life changing, get your teeth stuck in work. Nothing creative, inspiring or exciting.

Just a collection of many, many small things that need taking care of each day for fear that they build up even more.

How do you see this?

What makes up changes are those small actions taken daily. The compound effect of all these small little tasks over time has the power to change a life. The devil is in the detail. It’s the little things that make the difference. Small extra touches are sooooo important. 99% of business is about showing up. One extra phone call, one extra email, one extra cup of coffee.

Or are these small, little tasks actually what they look to be – insignificant. Bits and pieces of work that clog up time and get in the way of real, more tangible and inspiring work.

I am on the fence here, I believe both sides. My to do list has been bothering me the last couple of months. I have so many new ideas yet I never quite get to them and I’m batted out of the arena by all these small little things that collectively take up all the time. Yet at the same time I know it’s this attention to detail that holds my business together, enables it to function. It IS the business.

How do you see your to do list?



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