Realised something today

Well following on from last night’s to do list issues. The following quote/advice found me today:

‘Creativity fuels the spirit.’

My to do list tasks are not creative. I’m not fuelled! I sat at my desk this morning with my laptop and felt beyond terrible. It’s restricting and soulless and my energy was drained. (Ok it’s not always that bad but today I’d reached that point).

I need some kind of creativity in my day. I actually did some drawing. Nothing major, just doodled really. Then coloured it. What I’ve produced isn’t anything to look at but that doesn’t matter, it’s about the process. It was time for me, time to be a little creative and time for my brain/todo list to shut off. (If you are looking at the picture and thinking WTF! that’s fine, I don’t for one second think this is anything pretty to look at! If you want some insight I do think its something to do with energy flow but perhaps that’s another post).

So I’m going to get something creative into every day. Now it doesn’t have to be drawing, for me creativity may also mean lesson planning, or time on one of the many other projects I have in the pipeline using my gymnastics knowledge and experience. Just anything away from the monotony of my usual to do list items.

Any suggestions for feeding creativity into your life?



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