New Year, New Focus, New Health

Happy New Year everyone!

I love new year. A time for a new start, a fresh page yet to be written.

Though really we can have this anytime we decide, it doesn’t have to be January 1st. For me, where I am right now just happens to fit with the fact it’s a new shiny 2013.

This year my focus is on healing and health. During 2012 I made some pretty big shifts in my beliefs around health and this year I’ll be working on putting all this together into practice.

I’ll be making what may appear as pretty radical changes to my diet and lifestyle. However for me, they don’t feel too different, just a natural progression.

I don’t accept my autoimmune and thyroid condition in my life anymore. It is my intention to heal my body of these afflictions and protect my future health.

Cool huh? Imagine what life would be like with perfect health and no fear of developing horrible illnesses. Imagine everyday being able to live life to the full and realise all that potential (oh and those days stretching long into healthy old age).

What’s that worth? Everything.


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Focus, New Health

  1. These are my goals too, with relation to thyroid – to concentrate on the healing and not on the disease itself. I look forward to your posts on this!

    Here’s wishing you a healthy 2013 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment – how’s your thyroid?
      Just changing my outlook has helped already. Within a couple of days I was feeling like I had too much thyroid hormone (I’m used to my levels fluctuating and know what each feels like). I’ve actually not taken any medication for 48 hours now and I’m feeling the best I have done in a long time. Perhaps my body just needs a break for a bit. Who knows. I do know I’m enjoying feeling a little clearer and believing I can heal is very comforting.

  2. My thyroid is duff at the moment! Working on improving it though. Was medicated on levothyroxine in 2000 and was taken off the tabs in 2010, following the birth of my Daughter. Apparently my levels had straightened out enough not to be on them. However, this seemed to be a placebo effect. 2.5 years later I gradually got worse and last month has been awful. Swung from hyper to hypo in one foul swoop, left me knackered and my adrenal glands are all to pot. My pupils are even dilated like saucers! The worst part was that I was exhausted but had so much adrenaline left from the hyper part that I couldn’t sleep, so was like a walking zombie! Back to the tabs to function properly again. Although this is only week 3 on the tabs, so a lot of leveling out to do yet and see how I get on. I will continue to treat the route cause naturally though. I don’t like the fact that the tabs almost mask the route cause, if you know what I mean.

    I agree with you about taking control over your meds, you are your best advocate. No-one else knows how you feel, and Doctors are obsessed with their lab values instead of treating the symptoms!

    What kind of thyroid problem is it you have? ‘They’ thought I had Hashimotos because I can swing between the two types, but now ‘they’ have decided it is probably heredity primary hypothyroidism, where I have all the lower values of T3 and T4 contained, but my Pituitary gland doesn’t recognise the signals to send them out, Whoop, whoop! Apparently, some people can still get hyper moments with hypo. Great! 😀

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