The year of health continues….. Well I am trying!

Wow so much has gone on this January which I haven’t blogged about. I’ll get round to the back catalogue in due course but for now here’s the overview!

You may have read my first post this year about how 2013 is the year I sort my health out. Now my health was never really that bad, however the more I learn the more I refuse to put up with what the majority of other people do.

It’s accepted that medical conditions are a part of life. That we will develop them, they get worse, we develop others and have to take medication every day. Old age seems to be accepted as a steady decline in health.

Why choose this? I don’t. 2013 is my starting point.

I started the year by completing the Forever Living Clean 9 detox. Now you can look forward to a separate post all about that 9 day journey but this really helped clean my body out of toxins and start to change my diet to more natural sources.

After this, I’ve moved onto a diet aimed at helping thyroid function. It’s pretty radical, however my mindset has changed which makes these food choices fit easier.

To start with I’m not eating any processed foods. In time, out of my diet will be all soy, grains and polyunsaturated fats (these are in EVERYTHING). Gelatin is becoming my main source of protein and coconut oil is my main fat source used to cook everything in.

Currently I’m in a bit of a transition as I include certain new foods and start to cut out others. I have to say I’m enjoying cooking more and trying new recipes.

Last week I made my first chicken stock and soup. This is absolutely full of nutrients (and natural thyroid hormones) and was actually dead easy. I’m drinking a cup of the broth a day or having a portion of soup.

Eggs are my daily breakfast (I couldn’t stomach this idea a few weeks back, I hate the smell, taste and texture of all eggs). Although now I am able to manage a pan-fried egg (mixed up like an omelette) small steps but I’m proud of this breakthrough! One day I might actually eat one that looks like an egg!

The no grains is possibly the biggest change. Tonight I made ‘pasta’ which was courgette strips. Actually pretty good! Shame I didn’t make enough of it.

Now the coolest part so far is that I made marshmallows. They are awesome! Didn’t manage to make them look pretty which is why I’m not showing you a pic but I am looking forward to a couple in a mug of hot choc in a bit…..

Then it’s off to bed as early tomorrow morning I am having a blood test. I have been largely off my thyroid medication since the start of the year. Didn’t quite plan it like this but generally I am feeling good. I do have a couple of symptoms creeping back but they are minor as far as I’m concerned. My main debilitating symptoms of brain fog and lead like body have not come back at all, in fact I feel so much clearer!

As much as I’m committed to the natural health and knowing my own body, my science side is intrigued as to chemically what’s going on. The type of thyroid hormone I’ve been on (T3) has a short half life so after this long without taking it, I know it’s all gone from my body. So whatever shows up on the test is what my body is doing by itself. I honestly don’t know what it’s going to show!

Right enough blabbering, I’ll be back to post more about my new favourite recipes over the next few weeks. Now where’s that hot chocolate…..



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