Time to step it up a notch

You may have noticed I’ve been making some changes in an effort to regain my health, more specifically, my thyroid function.

I started the year with a change in beliefs and quite by accident, coming off my thyroid medication (T3). I’ve been feeling great! I’m able to get up in the morning feeling alert, my energy is more consistent and I’ve this clarity to my thoughts that just feels like it should always be there (unlike the swirly kinda brain fog I have been used to, on and off for the last few years).

So thought it a good time to get blood tests done to see what is going on (well at least from the doctors perspective). As mentioned, I’ve been feeling much better!

Well they say only those challenges come along that you have the capacity to deal with. Well that’s how I choose to reframe these blood results. They aren’t good. In fact, they are dire. My TSH, thyroid stimulating hormone and the level used most widely to indicate thyroid function (usually at about 1 when feeling well) is currently 17.3. That’s officially NOT GOOD. Yet I feel impossibly well! With that result really I should be bed bound, half dead by now.

My T4 level is also low at 3.6 (I think it’s meant to be 10+). Although I’m seeing this as positive as its a lot higher than it has been for the last 4 years since being on T3 medication. Without going into the whole thyroid hormone seminar, I haven’t been taking any T4 so it’s been barely traceable in my blood for years but that’s been ok/as expected. So now I’m taking this increase as a positive thing, my thyroid IS doing something. Not a lot, as shown by my other results but something! A door may close but someone opens a window. I can heal. I will heal.

As a result, I took some T3 medication yesterday and within a few hours had the brain foggy swirly ness again. I hate that. So being off meds doesn’t work. Being on T3 I’m finding hard. Secret option number three? Take meds at night so hopefully swirlyness is limited to whilst i’m asleep. Tighten up on the diet I started. Increase healing work, stress reduction and meditation.

Today I went through my kitchen and ditched all the processed food or anything containing polyunsaturated fats. No more in my diet. Fresh, actual good foods from now on in. It feels goooood. Here’s everything I WON’T be eating anymore – does this look like the contents of your cupboards? Have you ever read the ingredient list on any of this stuff?

Step 2 is the stress reduction. So I shall love you and leave you now as I’m off for an awesome nights sleep 🙂



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