Success Day

Today I went to a Forever success day, go to these each month. This month was a special one though. The team I’m in (Starfish Team) are currently number one in the UK and have been for two months now. Our leaders Clare and Paul, have done so well that the company are giving them … Continue reading

I frustrate myself

Started today badly. Left my house with so much stuff it feels like I moved out. Very stressful trying to get ready for the day. Well, not just the day but the whole weekend. Didn’t leave myself enough time to get everything ready even though I was up until 1am packing, prepping and organising. Often … Continue reading

I won’t lie

This posting everyday NaBloPoMo thing is getting hard. Not necessarily in finding things to blog about, more in that I don’t manage it until this time at night and I’m in need of some sleep. However I will not give up! I am not a quitter! No way! Today was a busy day (technically still … Continue reading


Today I’ve been working on this. Right now, I’ve none left. Sleeeep. Catch you tomorrow.

Game plan

Well it’s Sunday night, that makes it game plan night. Time for me to go through what I am going to create this week to move closer to my goals. There’s lots to do! The week ahead is a busy one. Exciting though! Meeting lots of people, coaching lots of gymnastics, creating futures 🙂 Some … Continue reading

I’m here but can’t get through

I’m having one of those days today. I just can’t seem to wake up. I don’t want to sleep, but I’m just not here. It feels almost like I’m in a see-through cotton wool ball. I’m here, but there’s this fuzziness in the way. A barrier. It’s squishy though so it’s not like I’m distant. … Continue reading

Busy vs productive

There’s definitely a difference. Today has been a packed day. Do you know how sometimes you have an hour and yet you have an hour and a half worth of stuff to fit in – yet you manage it somehow? Today has been like that. For over 12 hours now. It’s been pretty mental and … Continue reading


Sooo today amongst other things, I went to my first pole dance class. I *think* it was awesome. I’m still itching to try some of the things that everyone else was doing. Maybe I’m not the best at being on the other side of an activity like this – usually it’s me coaching and leading … Continue reading